The founder of ADAMASSWISS SARL has managed to set up one of the most efficient gold foundries and precious metal purchasing offices thanks to his excellent relations with the government and high government officials in the Central African Republic (CEMAC – The Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa). As is currently known, interested parties have invested sums in the order of several milions of euros to obtain decrees for a gold foundry and exports and to build up a competent local infrastructure. This enables us to hold a monopoly for raw gold trading in the Central African Republic and to import to Switzerland and Italy.
The entire Central African territory covered by the decree awarded to ADAMASSWISS SARL has a size and extent of mineral resources that turns this into an investment for at least three generations. The enterprise operates in an environmentally friendly (Green Gold) manner and, especially in Central Africa, it is committed to social involvement to create jobs.
Adamasswiss only operates using its own capital, we do not accept investor capital.